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1.01 beta
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for Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server  
Developed 1996-2003 at FIM - University of Linz - Austria
1996 - 2001 by the SAT team
SAT icon The tool for Windows NT administrators, who want a
meaningful overall view of their NTFS security settings
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A new evaluation version will be available soon!
In the meantime, please send an email to receive a free registration key!

[Download SAT eval beta version] Download a free evaluation version of SAT 1.01a BETA
(time limited until 2004-01-31, about 1.5 MB)
[SAT description] What SAT can do for you
(an in-depth introduction)
     [SAT Readme] SAT Readme File
(+ installation information)
[SAT FAQ] SAT FAQs and News
     [SAT license] SAT license agreement
[EMAIL to contact us] How to contact us:
If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know.
Our e-mail address is sat@fim.uni-linz.ac.at.

Work in Process:
Further research and development (e.g. analysis of NTFS 5.0, Active
Directory and Windows 2000 Registry) are sponsored by
MSR - Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK
[SAT project description] SAT project description
(short version, 2 pages)
     [SAT Plans] SAT plans
(slides, PDF, 336 KB)
[SAT NTFS + Registry Description in German] SAT NTFS + Registry Description
(PDF, German, ~ 1617K)
     [SAT Viewer, Diploma Thesis (german)] The SAT2 Viewer (Diploma
Thesis, PDF, German)
Short Presentation (PDF, German)
[FMS description of SAT] SAT in the FMS
FMS = Reseach Information of the
Johannes Keper University (German)
     [SAT ADS Diploma Thesis (german)] ADS presentation
(PDF, ~387K, German)
ADS analysis (first results,
diploma thesis, PDF, German)
[SAT2 Controller] SAT2 Controller presentation
(PDF, ~4417K, German)
[SAT infos for students] Join the team!
Informations for students interested in the development of SAT (German)

The SAT Team, 2004-01-12