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1.) Please read the license agreement of this beta test evaluation version.
You should only proceed if you agree with this license text.

2.) This evaluation version (1.01a BETA) expires at 2004-01-31.
To obtain new und updated versions of SAT, please make a bookmark of the SAT hompage within your WEB-browser and visit this page from time to time.

3.) While downloading takes place, please read the SAT README file!
Because after running setup this BETA-release needs some manual configuration, this reading is absolutely important! Especially, read the Sample scenario within the SAT README!!!

4.) The list of "Frequently Asked Questions" is also used to inform you about know bugs and restrictions of SAT. So before you install the test-version, please have a look at the current FAQ list.

5.) Download the SAT-program as a single self installing file (approximately 1.53 MB).

Last modified 2003-06-30 by the SAT-Team.