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Which operating system does SAT need?

Because SAT analyzes the file permissions of NTFS-volumes (which are only available in Windows NT), SAT is designd to work with Windows NT 4.0. This release does not support the NTFS permission settings of the "Microsoft Security Configuration Editor".

SAT does not work with Windows 95 or Windows 98!
The current version also is not compatible with Windows 2000.

Known restrictions of the current version:

Release History:

Version Release Date Time Limit Annotations
BETA 1.00 1999-11-11 2000-04-30 First version of SAT
BETA 1.01 2000-01-24 2000-05-20 Compatible with newer ODBC drivers
Works with larger number of users and groups
BETA 1.01a 2000-05-17 2000-09-20 minor changes and enhancements
BETA 1.01a 2000-11-23 2001-04-30 current evaluation version of SAT of NT 4.0
BETA 1.01a 2000-07-20 2001-12-31 New time-limit for NT 4.0 version.
A new version for Windows 2000 covering
NTFS, Registry and Active Directory is under development.

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