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Intelligent agents are autonomous entities (in this context software programs), which interact autonomously and in an "intelligent" manner with their environment. Especially important are

  • Reactivity: Changing their actions upon modifications of their environment
  • Goals: Working towards a complex final result
  • Concurrency: Agents should work at the same time on different tasks, else their advantage over monolithic systems is very small
  • Extensibility: New agents should be easily introduced and existing agents replaced with little or no reconfiguration necessary.

Agents can be very useful for teleworkers, especially mobile agents, as they are of a similar manner: Fulfilling their tasks independently of the location / changing their location for fastest/easiest fulfillment. On a more utilitarian level, many tasks, of teleworkers can be eased by the use of agents.

The FIM started a project for developing intelligent agents as a support for teleworkers called POND, which is funded by the Austrian National Bank (ÖNB; grant 7742) and the state of Upper Austria (Wi/Ge 201.515/1-2000/Wwin).


The agent system POND  

The system for mobile intelligent agents developed at the FIM. Special consideration is given to security (protecting agents from each other) and the notion of trust, recommendations and experiences between agents.

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