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1) Install JDK (1.2 or later) (for testing only JRE is sufficient)

2) Create a directory for the agent system (e. g. "c:\Agents")

3) Create a subdirectory for the shared libraries (e. g. "c:\Agents\jars")

4) Create a subdirectory for the agent system itself (e. g. "c:\Agents\AgentSystem")

5) Create a subdirectory, where the agents will be loaded from (e. g. "c:\Agents\AgentHome")

6) Create a subdirectory for the local systems (like the demo system) (e. g. "c:\Agents\LocalSystems")

7) Install IAIK (Cryptography provider; any other is also possible, but automatic generation of security store is then impossible) into the shared library directory (e. g. copy the file iaik_jce.jar to c:\Agents\jars)

8) Install the agent system by unzipping the file to the agent system directory (e. g. "c:\Agents\AgentSystem")

9) Install the demo system to the local systems directory (e. g. e. g. "c:\Agents\LocalSystems\DemoSystem")

10) Install the security provider by modifying jre/lib/security/ Add the following line to grant access to the cryptography libraries (for IAIK security provider; see documentation otherwise for the classname to insert):

After the line

11) Modify jre/lib/security/java.policy: Add the following lines at the beginning of the file and replace <<AGENT_SYSTEM_PATH>> with the path (replace '\' with '/'), where the agent system was installed (e. g. "c:\Agents\AgentSystem" would result in 'grant codeBase "file://c:/Agents/AgentSystem/-"'). Replace <<LOCAL_AGENT_SYSTEMS_PATH>> with the local agent systems directory (e. g. "c:\Agents\LocalSystems")

	// Used for the agent system itself: It must be able to set policy, security, ...
	grant codeBase "file:/<<AGENT_SYSTEM_PATH>>/-"

	// Used for the local agent systems: They must be able to set policy, security, ...
	grant codeBase "file:/<<LOCAL_AGENT_SYSTEMS_PATH>>/-

12) Make the same modifications to lib/security/java.policy as to jre/lib/security/java.policy if these files/directories exist.

13) Modify the CLASSPATH environment variable to include the agent system directory and the cryptography library (e.g. ".; ...... ;c:\Agents\AgentSystem;c:\Agents\jars\iaik_jce.jar")

14) If you want to use XML (and Hand-Off and payment data stored in XML), create a file named "privilegedCodeFiles.txt" in the directory, where all the management data (payments, logs, keystores, etc.) of your systems will be stored. Edit the file to contain the filename of every archive, which should run with full permissions, on a separate line. For default use, "xerces.jar" is sufficient.

Testing the installation

1) Copy the file "BaseAgents.jar" into the agent directory (e. g. "c:\Agents\AgentHome")

2) Start the agent system (e. g. "java PkgAgentSystem.GUI.GUIAgentSystem c:\Agents\AgentHome c:\Agents\jars c:\Agents")

3) Select "Create Agent" from the Menus

4) Enter as name of the main class of the agent "BaseAgents.Beeper.BeeperAgent"

5) Create a new identity by entering a name, selecting the server certificate and generating a new keypair

6) Select the new agent identity

7) The agent will now be created. When clicking on the button, you computer should beep!


To create some certificates useful for testing, start the class "FIM.test.CreateCertificates" with the directory as a parameter, where the files with the certificates (and the private keys) shall be placed.


Installation of additional elements

Copy activation.jar, mail.jar, pop3.jar, mbox.jar and nntp.jar to the shared libraries directory (e. g. "c:\Agents\jars") for mail support.

Likewise, copy xalan.jar and  xerces.jar to the shared libraries directory (e. g. "c:\Agents\jars") for XML support.


Configuration for debugging with Symantec Visual Café 

Modify jre/lib/security/java.policy: At the end of the grant block, which starts with

// default permissions granted to all domains
grant { 

add the following lines:

permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "modifyThread";
permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "modifyThreadGroup";

These lines are necessary, so Visual Café can access the data for debugging.


Installation Problems

If you get errors like "algorithm PBE not implemented" or "algorithm md5WithRSA not found", probably the wrong Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is started. Check and/or adjust your path (execution path; not classpath!).


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Last modified: 13 September, 2001 , by MVS