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  • Michael Sonntag: Intelligent Agents – Inevitable Tools for Teleworkers [PDF]
    Online Collaboration Berlin. Second International Conference on Teleworking, Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce. Bonn: I. W. H. 1998, 32ff

  • Michael Sonntag, Rudolf Hörmanseder: Mobile Agent Security Based on Payment. [PDF]
    ACM Operating Systems Review, New York: October 2000, 48-55 (Vol. 34, No.4)

  • Michael Sonntag: Endbericht des Projektes (Nationalbank-Förderung). German [PDF]

  • Jörg R. Mühlbacher, Susanne Reisinger, Michael Sonntag: Intelligent Agents and XML - A method for accessing webportals in both B2C and B2B E-Commerce. WOOBS '01 Workshop on Ohject Oriented Business Solutions. [PDF]

  • Michael Sonntag, Susanne Reisinger: Important Factors for E-Commerce. In: Hofer Susanne, Beneder Manfred (Ed.): IDIMT'01. 9th Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks [PDF]

  • Michael Sonntag: Legal Aspects of Mobile Agents. In: Proceedings of Sixteenth European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Reserach - 2002 (to appear) [ - ]


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