Agent System POND 1.2 (28.2.2002)

Agentsystem POND Documentation

Core Agentsystem packages
PkgAgentSystem Basic classes of the agent system.
PkgAgentSystem.Classification Classed for the management of additional classifications.
PkgAgentSystem.Crypto Cryptography classes for the agent system (AgentIdentity and related).
PkgAgentSystem.Experiences The classes for exchanging experiences and storing and updating opinions on other agents.
PkgAgentSystem.GUI An agent system with a graphical user interface.
PkgAgentSystem.Messaging Classes for passing messages between agents and standard messages.

FIM Utility packages
FIM.payment Classes for payment.
FIM.synchronisation Classes for synchronisation between threads.
FIM.Util Miscellaneous utility classes.
FIM.Util.Coder Common classes for different encodings.
FIM.Util.Coder.Base64 Encoding/Decoding classes for BASE64 encoding.
FIM.Util.Crypto Cryptographic utilities: Named keys and certificates, signing jar-files, encrypted and signed objects.
FIM.Util.GUI Utility classes for user interfaces.
FIM.Util.SMS Classes for sending SMS messages via websites.
FIM.Util.Threads Thread and timing related classes: a cancellable thread, timers and timer-queues.
FIM.Util.WWW Utility classes for webpages and opening a browser from a program.
FIM.Util.WWW.Cookies Utility classes for managing cookies.
FIM.Util.WWW.Form Utility classes for managing HTML-forms in memory.
FIM.Util.XML Miscellaneous utilities in connection with XML: Data to be ancoded as XML, quoting text (i. e. serialized XML) for use in CDATA sections.


Agent System POND 1.2 (28.2.2002)

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