Agent System POND 1.2 (28.2.2002)

Package PkgAgentSystem.Crypto

Cryptography classes for the agent system (AgentIdentity and related).


Class Summary
AgentCryptographyProvider Defines the agent system cryptography provider.
AgentIdentity The identity of an agent.
AgentIdentityExtension Extended identity of an agent.
AgentIdentityFactory Factory for creating AgentIdentity certificates form input streams.
IAIKSecurityStore A subclass of PersonalSecurityStore which can be used if the cryptography provider used is IAIK.
PersonalSecurityStore A store for agent identities, their private keys, trusted certificates, general keypairs and certificates and private keys of owners of agents.
PersonalSecurityStoreFactory Factory for creating PersonalSecurityStore objects.
PublicKeyCertificate Stores a public key with its name in a certificate.
PublicKeyCertificateFactory Factory for creating PublicKeyCertificate certificates form input streams.

Package PkgAgentSystem.Crypto Description

Cryptography classes for the agent system (AgentIdentity and related). The AgentIdentity is a certificate and needs a provider to be properly restored from a stream.

Agent System POND 1.2 (28.2.2002)

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