Internet acces via satellites by Marc Stampfli 
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There are currently two possibilities for connecting computers using common satellites.

You have to connect your computer through dial-up (analogue or ISDN) to a satellite/internet service provider. You upload all your commands to this service provider with common speed, but for downloading you use a satellite with a speed as fast as 400 KBPS. The technical equipment is still quite expensive (around 2000.- SFr including the satellite receiver).

With the other possibility you also upload to the satellite. So you will have 400 KBPS bi-directional. But it is very expensive and costs about 20'000.- SFr. That is why this solution is only interesting for big companies

The most common satellite system is "DirectPC".  In the European continent the traffic is being sent over Eutelsat-II-F3, while the server for data-upload is located in Darmstadt.

Satellites are key technologies for the future. The techonologies is still too expensive and only interesting for innovators .But with their high speed link anywhere on the globe, they have all the advantage on their sides.

Low Orbit Satellites: 
 A LOS is a satellite attached to a balloon staying stationary in low earth orbit. It will generate energy through a solar-cells and does stabilise itself in orbit. The attached satellite could be any type of common satellite.

But it's very cheap! Because the satellite does stay in the stratosphere it can be built much cheaper with common technologies. Even a big company would have the opportunity to have their own telecommunication satellite.

You can use the satellite to cover an entire city or even bigger areas. With connecting more than one LOS you are able to cover a very broad area but only at the place where it is needed. If you need connection in a new area you could just launch a new LOS.

You would have the possibility to retrieve the LOS and relaunch it later after a technology update or damage reparation. They can be launched with no harm for the ecology because of their balloon system.

Sky Station International Inc. ( is already building such a LOS. More LOS Provider will come soon as the technology is further developed.