anti-spam tools
client protection mechanisms

While the ISP is responsible for protective functions on the server-side, users can protect themselves at least partly at relatively few expenditure. First of all careful handling of the own address is recommended. That applies for example when filling out online-forms, because you often don't know where your personal information is stored. Above all, you should omit replaying to spam-mails. These replays often do not reach their targets, because the used addresses are often created temporarily.

Today's clients offer filter mechanisms, which move junk messages directly into the garbage bin. These filters do not offer complete protection from Spam, however, since they filter messages usually only on the basis of header information and initiate appropriate actions.

The following anti-spam tools offer more protection. They do not only use spam lists, they have additional functions for detecting and automatically deleting spam messages.

Deadletter 1.12
Eudora plug-in, that extends the filtering functions of the Mail Client.

Spam Eater Pro 2.60
Anti-spam tool with update function and internal spammer database.

Spam Exterminator
Well equipped anti-spam tool, utilizing a large spammer database.

Spam Hater
Badly equipped anti-spam tool, that filters e-mail and Usenet messages.

Spam Killer 2.45
One of the most efficient anti-spam tools, which distinguishes itself with good filters and its easy of use.