Agent System POND 1.0 (1.7.2000)

Class ServingThread


class ServingThread
extends CancellableThread

A thread to receive an agent from a remote host. It is verified in advance, whether the agent is allowed to move here. If AgentSystem.SECURE_CONNECTION is true, Diffie-Hellman key exchange is used to encrypt the communication. Then also the identity of the remote host is verfied (challenged for knowledge of the private key). This verification is symmetric: We also have to prove our identity. Both hosts must have the same value, else the protocol will be aborted. (AMP = Agent Movement Protocol)

1.0, 1.7.2000
Michael Sonntag
See Also:
URLConnection, AgentData, AMPURLConnection, AMPStreamHandler, AMPStreamHandlerFactory, URL

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Constructor Summary
ServingThread(Socket recv, AgentSystem ag_sys, Certificate system_cert, PrivateKey system_priv_key)
          Creates a new serving thread.
Method Summary
 void run()
          Starts the serving thread.
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Constructor Detail


public ServingThread(Socket recv,
                     AgentSystem ag_sys,
                     Certificate system_cert,
                     PrivateKey system_priv_key)
Creates a new serving thread.
recv - the socket connected to the other host
ag_sys - the agent system to which we belong
system_cert - the certificate of the system owner
system_priv_key - the private key of the system owner
Method Detail


public void run()
Starts the serving thread. Must already be connected to the other host. Will immediately start the protocol for receiving the agent.
run in class CancellableThread

Agent System POND 1.0 (1.7.2000)

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