Some theses supervised by Prof. Sonntag are touching computer forensics. Selected examples of these are presented here. Most are only shown as text (the thesis itself), while others include the whole source code.
The theses may be used freely for reserach or private purposes. Commercial use is prohibited if not explicitly allowed by the author!
Markus Haudum:Speicherung von Webseiten zu forensischen Untersuchungszwecken(Storing web pages for forensic examination) - German Markus Jäger:Forensische Analyse von Web-Browsern, deren Spuren und Werkzeugen zur Spurenlöschung(Forensic analysis of web-browsers, traces of surfing and tools to remove such traces) - German Thomas Schmittner:Miniaturansichten und Zeitstempel unter Microsoft Windows(Icon view and timestamps in Microsoft Windows) - German Markus Koppensteiner:Androgios - Android Interface for Nagios(Android-Applikation für Nagios) - English Gerald Prock:Automatische Web-History Analyse(Automatic web history analysis) - German Gregor Dorfbauer:Parallelized File Carving(Parallelisiertes File-Carving) - German Virginia Diaz:Security Sample Server(Beispiele zu häufig auftretenden Sicherheitslücken in Web-Applikationen) - English
For inquiries regarding the theses please contact Prof. Sonntag:
Assoc.Prof. Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michael Sonntag
Institute for Information Processing and Microprocessor Technology (FIM)
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