MODULE 3 - Word Processing

This module tests the student's competence in the use of word processing. It is designed to assess the student's word processing skills to enable him/her to produce usable documents.

One exercise, containing several tasks, will be set. The test will consist of basic tasks and advanced tasks.

Basic tasks

  • Access a word processing package and load the software
  • Open an existing document
    • Enter text -- key in text (small amounts)
    • Insert text
    • Delete text
  • Create a document
    • Enter text -- key in text (small amounts)
    • Insert text
    • Delete text
  • Save a document onto disc
  • Use the functions available in a standard word processing system
    • Move text within a document
    • Copy within a document or to another document
    • Replace words with other words
  • Change the appearance of text:
    • Use italics
    • Embolden text
    • Centre and underline text
    • Change fonts
    • Change line spacing
    • Control justification of text
  • Use a spell--check program and make changes where necessary
  • Print documents and part of document
  • Create a header and a footer, use pagination
  • Use Help Functions

Advanced Tasks

  • Merge mailing lists with a document
  • Import tables and graphics
  • Make a table within a document
  • Indent text
  • Use and set tabs
  • Format documents to an appropriate business style
  • Hyphenate as appropriate
  • Append text from another document
  • Use templates
  • Use integrated software

Assessment One exercise will be examined -- the exercise will contain 8--10 tasks, of which more than half will be basic tasks.

All the basic tasks must be completed correctly and the advanced tasks must be attempted. The pass mark is 100% for the basic tasks and 50% for the advanced tasks.

45 minutes is allowed for the test.

While the use of integrated software in not currently a module in its own right, this module may be combined with spreadsheet, database and/or graphics using software which allows integration. If this is done, all of the tasks within each module must be achieved.

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