MODULE 4 - Spreadsheets

The module tests the student's understanding of fundamental spreadsheet concepts, practical experience in spreadsheet design and implementation, and the understanding of the basic functions.

One exercise will be set. The tasks set will depend on the spreadsheet product in use. The exercise consists of basic and advanced tasks.

Basic Tasks

  • Open a spreadsheet file, make changes to it, add rows calculate new values.
  • Insert rows and columns -- create a new row or column in a specific place.
  • Create a spreadsheet and enter data
    • Numbers
    • Text
    • Formulae
  • Format cells -- e.g. size, decimal points, currency, etc.
  • Adjust column widths and format columns and rows.
  • Sort the spreadsheet
  • Use the basic functions of a spreadsheet, such as
    • Totalling
    • Averaging
  • Print and save a spreadsheet
  • Create a header and footer
  • Use Help Functions

Advanced Tasks

  • Understand and use absolute and relative cell referencing in formulae.
  • Produce different types of charts and graphs from a spreadsheet figures to analyse the data.
  • Retrieve graphs from disc
  • Print graphs with titles and labels
  • Use 3--dimensional graphics
  • Move information between spreadsheets
  • Work with more than one spreadsheet
  • Use integrated software


One exercise will be set, which will contain 8--10 tasks.

The five basic tasks must be completed correctly and the advanced tasks must be attempted. The pass mark is 100% for the basic tasks and 50% for the advanced tasks.

45 minutes is allowed for the test.

While the use of integrated software is not currently a module in its own right, this module may be combined with word processing, database and/or graphics using software which allows integration. If this is done, all of the tasks within each module must be achieved.

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