MODULE 2 - Using the computer and managing files

The purpose of this module is to test the student's knowledge of the basic housekeeping functions required for the efficient use of the computer.

The student will demonstrate the ability to carry out basic tasks using the computer. The test consists of four exercises.

Course Contents

  • Start the computer and shut it down properly.
  • Create a directory and a sub--directory -- understand the directory structure.
  • Move and copy files.
  • Delete files from one or more directories.
  • Create a file, using an editor, and save in a directory. The editor can be a word processing program or a simple editor.
  • Rename files.
  • Examine a directory, understand the number of files in that directory, the size of files and the date files were created/updated.
  • Be able to format a diskette.
  • Take backup copies of data --copy files onto another disc or onto another directory on the current disc.
  • Save files onto floppy discs.
  • Know how to select different printers.
  • Be able to print from an installed printer.


The pass mark is 80%. The time allowed is 45 minutes.

The answer will be handed up on floppy disc (the tests may be sent to the examiner via e-mail if the appropriate security measures are in place). All documents must be given up.

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