Agent System POND 1.2 (28.2.2002)

Class ClassificationSet

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, Collection, Serializable, Set

public class ClassificationSet
extends HashSet

A set of additional classifications. You can add classifications and iterate through them. Removal, info, ... through methods of HashSet.

1.0, 1.7.2000
Michael Sonntag
See Also:
AgentClassification, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
          Create a new and empty set of classifications
Method Summary
 boolean add(Object o)
          Add an object to the set.
 Iterator classifications()
          Retrieve an iterator to retrieve all contained classifications.
Methods inherited from class java.util.HashSet
, clear, clone, contains, isEmpty, iterator, remove, size
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equals, hashCode, removeAll
Methods inherited from class java.util.AbstractCollection
addAll, containsAll, retainAll, toArray, toArray, toString
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finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface java.util.Set
addAll, containsAll, equals, hashCode, removeAll, retainAll, toArray, toArray

Constructor Detail


public ClassificationSet()
Create a new and empty set of classifications
Method Detail


public Iterator classifications()
Retrieve an iterator to retrieve all contained classifications.
an iterator for all elements


public boolean add(Object o)
Add an object to the set. Must implement AgentClassification else an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.
add in class HashSet
IllegalArgumentException - if the object passed does not implement AgentClassification

Agent System POND 1.2 (28.2.2002)

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