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J. R. Mühlbacher: "Teleworking and Business Reengineering: Lessons learned from Operating Systems development", 15th IFIP World Computer Congress in Budapest (Aug./Sept. 1998)
Bernhard Leisch,
Peter Schuhmayer:
"An Architecture for Distributed Visualization of Technical Processes", Journal of Network and Computer Applications Vol.20, Academic Press Ltd, London (1997)
Dean Grifford,
Brian Kirk,
Bernhard Leisch:
"A Component Based Architecture for CAN Based Systems", 5th International CAN Conference, San Francisco 1998
Michael Sonntag: "Intelligent Agents: Inevitable Tools for Teleworkers", Second International Conference on Teleworking, Knowledge Management and Electronic Commerce, Online Collaboration Berlin, Juni 1998
Michael Sonntag: "Personalisierung": Kurzfassung, August 98
Michael Sonntag: "Personalisierung": Langfassung, August 98
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