European Computer Driving Licence( - The Irish originalversion, dec 97)

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Straight to the 7 moduls

The winning Formula One

Perhaps you know something about computers, but find it hard to define exactly what your level is. You're confident you can use a PC efficiently, but you can't really prove it. Business requires "basic competence", but what does that mean? And how can you be sure that you have already reached this level?

Or perhaps you're just starting on the approach roads to the Information Superhighway - the whole world of computers seems baffling and maybe even chaotic. What you need is a structure for your learning - one that is thorough and instantly recognized wherever you go.

Enter the European Computer Driving Licence.

The ECDL establishes standards for everyone who uses a computer in either a professional or a personal capacity. It is a certificate that verifies your competence, declares your computer skills, and makes you readily mobile within Irish business and across the Community. European employers and job seekers all agree on the need for this standard definition of practical competence in Information Technology.

A Lap Ahead

The European Computer Driving Licence is for anyone who wants to certify their computer skills according to a pan-European industry standard. Large multinationals have already adopted the licence, setting it as the performance benchmark they expect from their employees. The licence matches the needs of both Irish staff and employers in its clear definition of essential computer skills. It dispels any vagueness in your professed experience or in your job specifications. Simply, you either have the licence or you don't.

  • Having it opens the door to career opportunities.
  • Having it prepares you for full participation in the Information Society.
  • The European Computer Driving Licence power-steers you into the technological future.

The European Computer Skills Card

The European Computer Driving Licence builds around a special user-friendly skills card. This card records the skills you demonstrate in each of seven computer-related modules. As you pass each module successfully, the corresponding skill is noted in your card. The final achievement of a full card leads to the award of your licence.

The modules are:

  1. Basic Concepts of Information Technology (Hard/Software, security&copyright,LAN/WAN, Email, Internet,workgroups)
  2. Using a Computer and Managing Files (file-managment, directorys, printing, editor)
  3. Word Processing (necessary basics of formating text)
  4. Spreadsheets (--"--)
  5. Databases/Filing Systems (creating datas and formulas)
  6. Presentations and drawing
  7. Information Network Services

All but the first module are tests of practical skills rather than of theory. Tests consist of tasks chosen at random from a store of typical day-to-day computer operations. The guiding principle is reality; the licence is a definition of your actual skills.

The seven tests may be taken in any order and over a period of time. All tests are free of any bias towards any computer producer or software product.

Irish Test Centres

The ECDL Ireland has authorised test centres right around the country. These include schools, universities, and vocational colleges, as well as private and State-run training centres. Each is chosen for its rigorous adherence to our international testing standards. Together, they constitute a tight network of Irish outlets for the European Computer Driving Licence - outlets that appreciate the full value of our international licence.

In keeping with core EU philosophy, individuals can sit tests for different modules of the licence at any authorised test Centre in Ireland or abroad.

Your Grand Prix

The European Computer Driving Licence is available to everyone. Your objectives can be personal, professional, or competitive. Or maybe, for you, it's just a matter of pride. The important thing, though, is that the licence is awarded to you, in recognition of your knowledge of standard business computer applications. It serves as a passport to employment; it opens a door on the new world of information technology.

  • The ECDL benefits the holder - with its detailed statement of real computer skills.
  • The ECDL benefits the employer - in its precise definition of a job applicant's or employee's skills.
  • The ECDL gives people a goal to aim towards and a yardstick by which to measure their computing abilities.

ECDL Ireland is a subsidiary of the Irish Computer Society. It is supported by the European Commission via the European Social Fund. More details are available by e-mail.

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