MODULE 5 - Databases/Filing systems

This modules tests the student's ability to build a small database using a standard database package and create simple queries and reports from and existing database.

2 exercises will be set which must both be attempted.

Question 1 -- Design a simple database

  • Create the structure of the record
  • Enter data into the database
  • Edit the data
  • Add records
  • Delete records
  • Define keys
  • Save the database to disc

Question 2 -- Load or log on to an existing database

  • Enter data into the database
  • Edit the data
  • Add records

The following tasks may be asked within question 1 or question 2 above:

  • Search, select and sort data, based on criteria given
  • Present selected data in a particular sequence on screen and in reports
  • Modify the database structure
  • Use Help functions


2 exercises will be asked -- both of which should be answered.

Exercise 1 will ask the student to set up his/her own small database for a specified purpose, define the structure of the records and enter data.

Exercise 2 will ask the student to load a database and answer questions about the data by creating queries.

45 minutes is allowed for the test.

All tasks must be accomplished -- the pass mark is 80%.

While the use of integrated software is not currently a module in its own right, this module may be combined with word processing, spreadsheet and/or graphics using software which allows integration. If this is done, all of the tasks within each module must be achieved.

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