System Administration


Semester: Winter Term 2014/15

Lecture Name

System Administration

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Lecture Type:

KV = "Kombinierte Veranstaltung" = Lecture also includes exercise course

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Rudolf Hörmanseder,
Michael Hölzl

Max. Number of Participants:

32  (2 groups with 16 persons per group)


Acceptance for Lecture: by KUSSS system
Final Exam: TBD

Time Table:

Lecture dates for all groups are every Thursday 10:15 - 11:45 (room K 001A )
The lecture starts at 2014-10-09.
The dates of the exercise courses will be arranged at the beginning of the lecture.
Current information about all dates of the lecture and the exercise courses is available here.


S2 059 (lecture)
S3 219 (exercise courses)

Lecure Details:

Students understand the buildup of a stable server infrastructure including start of operation and configuration of elementary services. Main aspects are the importance of high availability and the concept of “least privilege”.
Server administration based on Windows / Linux; virtualization, directory services (ADS, LDAP), file servers, print servers, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, FTP, Email (SMTP, POP, IMAP) + AntiSpam + content scanning; backup + recovery; system management.
Lecture includes discussions as well as accompanying practical exercises in the network lab; Students will prepare a final example scenario.


Knowledge about Computer Networks (e.g. lecture "Netzwerke und Verteilte Systeme", especially TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, ...).

Criteria for Evaluation:

Grading is based on class participation in lab exercises, the oral review of example scenarios as well as the final written examination. To pass the course, students must successfully pass all three sections.


Slides and text documents presented in the lectures are available to the students. The basic information may include additional references.

Additional Information:

Please have a look at the bulletin board of the institute.
You can also contact the lecturer hoermanseder [AT]

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