Spezielle Kapitel aus Informatik:
eLearning Course Management with Sakai


Semester:   SS 2010

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(Course name)

  Spezielle Kapitel aus Informatik:
eLearning Course Management with Sakai

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  Msc. Dr. Alexandros Paramythis
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Block (The dates and times of lectures will be decided once the course starts)

Inhalt der LVA:
(Course contents)


Course curriculum:

  • What Is Sakai?
    • The Sakai platform
    • The Sakai Foundation
    • A brief history
  • Sakai Anatomy
    • The Sakai framework
    • Core technologies
    • How Sakai is deployed at scale
    • Enterprise data integration
  • Project Sites
    • Creating a project site
    • Tool-specific help
    • Managing project sites
    • Tools of immediate value
  • Course Sites
    • Creating a course site
    • Starter tips: descriptions, passwords, etc.
    • The motivation for sections
    • Creating sections
  • Worksite Tools
    • A flashcard activity
    • Commonalities between tools
    • The Resources tool
    • Course tools
    • Introducing Portfolio
  • Contributed Tools
    • The range of contributed tools
    • Example deployments
    • Creating custom tools
    • Tools to be aware of
      • Sousa—Content authoring and delivery for Sakai
      • Edia
      • Open Syllabus
  • Putting Sakai to Work
    • The tools and structure of a Sakai site
    • Sakai's site structure
    • Types of Sakai sites
      • Problem-based courses
      • Small discussion courses
      • Large introductory courses
      • Project-based courses
      • Collaboration sites
  • The Administration Workspace
    • What is a Sakai administrator?
    • The Administration tool set
    • Basic concepts
    • sakai.properties
    • Adding a Portfolio template


LVA - Modus:
(Teaching notes)

  The lectures will be held in English!
Die Lehrveranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten!


  Schriftliche Prüfung (written exam)


  Course slides and accompanying materials, will be made available on the course's web site and will be available to course participants.

Sonstige Informationen:
(Additional information)

  Further information about the course will be available on the course's web site. If you need additional details to decide whether you wish to register for the course, please communicate directly with the lecturer (see "Further inquiries" below).

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  Alexandros Paramythis

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