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Adaptive Web-Based Systems

Semester: WS 2007/2008

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Spezielle Kapitel aus Informatik: Adaptive Web-Based Systems

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Alexandros Paramythis

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  • This course will introduce basic concepts of interactive adaptive systems, discuss the particularities of supporting adaptivity in the Web environment and, finally, provide some hands-on experience with real Web-based adaptive systems. The thematic areas the course will cover include the following:
    • Rationale for adaptive hypermedia systems on the Web: Why is adaptivity important on the Web? What types of   systems / applications / services can benefit from it? How does it relate to tailorability, personalization, etc.?
    • Adaptive system theory and technologies: What exactly is adaptivity? Theoretical background and existing classifications. What are the “enabling technologies”? What are the most common types of adaptivity around us today, and how are they achieved?
    • The design of adaptive systems: How does the design of adaptive systems differ from that of “traditional” ones? What are the additional steps one needs to perform and what is their outcome in terms of design output (e.g., user model, domain model, course model, etc.)?
    • Implementation issues for adaptive systems on the web: How can one implement an adaptive system on the Web? What tools and technologies are publicly or commercially available? How does the stateless, pull-oriented model of the Web impact the implementation process?
    • Evaluating adaptivity: Why is it not possible to evaluate adaptive systems in the same way that “traditional” interactive systems are evaluated? What should one approach differently in the evaluation process? What are the known frameworks that are specifically intended for adaptive systems?

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  • Die Lehrveranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten.
    (The lecture will be held in English)



  • The course will have final written exams.



  • This course is not based on a single book; course materials used during lectures will, however, be available in electronic form before the lectures start (including all lecture slides).
  • Additional materials (such as scientific papers, related tutorials, etc.) will also be made available, in electronic form, to course participants.


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Alexandros Paramythis

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