Spezielle Kapitel aus Teleteaching/Telelearning:
Adaptive Web-Based Systems



Do you know what makes amazon successful?


Have you ever wondered how sites
like movielens “know” the most fitting
products / items to recommend
specifically to you?

Do you want to know why you simply
can’t stand the MS Assistant
what Lumiere has to do with it ?!?


Did you think that web based personal agents are limited to intelligently generated text?


  Or do you simply want to learn how to use existing, open-source software to make web-based systems automatically personalizable?  

LVA:  353.008, Typ: KV, Wochenst. pro Sem.: 2, Anmeldemodus: Computer (KUSSS)
Sprache: Englisch, Vortragende(r): Alexandros Paramythis (alpar@fim.uni-linz.ac.at)

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