Agent System POND 1.0 (1.7.2000)

Class BroadcastMessage

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public abstract class BroadcastMessage
extends Message

A message, which can be sent from one agent to all other local agents (no single recipient).
Subclasses MUST be serializable, else messaging will NOT work!

1.0, 1.7.2000
Michael Sonntag
See Also:
AgentBase, AgentSystem.localBroadcastMessage(AgentBase,BroadcastMessage), Serialized Form

Fields inherited from class PkgAgentSystem.Messaging.Message
addressee, convTypeID, destConvID, sender, srcConvID
Constructor Summary
protected BroadcastMessage(AgentIdentity sender, long convTypeID, long srcConvID)
          Creates a new message from one agent to all others.
Method Summary
 String toString()
          Returns a string representation of this broadcast-message.
Methods inherited from class PkgAgentSystem.Messaging.Message
copy, getAddressee, getConversationTypeID, getDestConversationID, getSender, getSrcConversationID, setDestConversationID, setSrcConversationID
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, clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


protected BroadcastMessage(AgentIdentity sender,
                           long convTypeID,
                           long srcConvID)
Creates a new message from one agent to all others. Has no single recipient and therefore also no destination conversation ID.
sender - the identity of the sender. Must be provided.
convTypeID - ID of the type of the conversation. Must not be 0.
srcConvID - ID of the conversation at the source. Must not be 0 (broadcasts may appear only within conversations).
Method Detail


public String toString()
Returns a string representation of this broadcast-message. The representation is the name of the actual class of the message and the name of the sender.
string representation of this broadcast
toString in class Message

Agent System POND 1.0 (1.7.2000)

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