Forschungsinstitut für Mikroprozessortechnik Pow! - What's New?

00-12-31   The project Pow! has been finished now. We regret, that no further maintainance will be provided.
00-10-23 The whole source code of Pow! is available here.
99-12-01 Some links added to the "Links" page, especially a link to a nice turtle graphic.
99-11-03 Web-pages for Pow! got a new layout and the C++ compiler interface became available.

Pow! 3.0b/32 has been released.

99-02-22 A further small bug was found within the Opal library. The function Print.StartWithDialog couldn't be used. The linker said it couldn't find the symbol __imp_Print_StartWithDialog. 
99-02-05 A further fixpack for Pow! 3.0a/32 is available. The type bound procedure Next of the record type Scan in module Volume of the OPAL library didn't return the next file. Instead it returned the same file as the procedure First. Besides you can produce a general protection fault if you use the record type Scan of the module Volume and if you link the OPAL library as DLL to your program. We are working on this problem. Until we have found a solution you should use the static version of the OPAL library. You use the static version of the OPAL library if you replace the files opal32dll.lib and opal32dllhelp.lib with the file opal32lib.lib in your project definition (menu Projects/Edit).
98-12-15 A fixpack for Pow! 3.0a/32 has been released. It includes a new version of the file link32.dll, which replaces the file with the same name in the Pow! directory. It should cure a problem which arises when the size of all local variables in a procedure is larger than about 8KB.
98-11-25 Pow! 3.0a/32 has been released.
98-10-28 A fixpack for Pow! 3.0/32 has been released. It includes updated help files and a new editor version, which should cure a rare but annoying problem with printing. 
98-10-12 Pow! 3.0/32 has been released. It consists of four files which should be downloaded to the same directory. Execute the first file to install Pow!. The GNU C++ interface has not been released yet and is not part of the current distribution. 
98-09-14 There is an interesting introduction to programming with Pow! made by Brosco (05-09-08: this link is not active any more)
98-09-14 The first 32-Bit Pow! version can be downloaded. This version is a beta version. (It is the same version which was available at our ftp-server.)
97-04-21 Release 3.0/16 is available. The licence policy was changed. Pow! can now be used and distributed freely! Prior versions were for private and educational use only. 
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