Forschungsinstitut für Mikroprozessortechnik Pow! - History


Version History

Release 3.0 Beta 4

    Bugfixes in the environment (default project was destroyed when compiling an erroneous program with no project file open), many small improvements
    Bugfix in the two-disk-installation archive files
    Pre-release of the next generation editor

Release 3.0 Beta 3

    Pre-release of the object-oriented Windows library Opal++ (including samples and a template)
    Bugfixes in the garbage collector

Release 3.0 Beta 2

    BoostEd Editor included (Oberon-2 syntax support)
    Enhanced template mechanism for projects
    Garbage collection
    Use of standard Windows controls
    More readable compiler error messages

    Many example programs


last modified: 2005-09-08 by Peter René Dietmüller