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The MS Excel Workbook has 3 spreadsheets: Q&A, Costs and Calculations. Each spreadsheet covers the following aspects of work: transportation, communication, room/furniture and equipement. We will have a look at those spreadsheets in detail. There is also a VisualBasic module where you will find some functions used to calculate depriciations. The workbook was designed using MS Excel Version 7.0 German. If you don't have the german version of MS Excel, the formulas and functions may not work. There is a translation table in the Appendixwhere you can lookup which functions you have to change in order to work with the english version of MS Excel.

Section A: Q&A

In Section A you will find some general questions that are relevant to the way of calculating costs and benefits. Please answer all of the questions with y for yes or n for no. The question about how many years you intend to work as a teleworker is relevant for calculating depriciations. See Section C for detailed information about the calculations.

Section B: Costs

Showing effective costs

This sheet holds all the data needed for the calculations. There are three rows where you have to set values. Row amount is the starting point. There you set e.g the km from and back to office, the costs for the computer etc.

Note: You should always show the effective values (e.g. how much the computer you work with really costs) even if you don't actually bear all the costs on your own.

If some of your expenses are beared by your employer, you can enter this contribution in row % paid by employer. So, if your employer equipes you with a notebook, you enter its value in the appropriate field and in turn enter a 100% contribution in row % paid by employer.

Depriciation of one time expenses

The last two rows have a meaning only to one time expenses. The problem here was to find a way to take into account those costs on a monthly basis. One way is to simply distribute the total costs among the time you intend to work as a teleworker. This would lead to a 100% depreciation of your investment. That means, that you start from the idea, that your investment will have no value at the end of your time as a teleworker.

The spreadsheet provides a methode to set depriciations for the initial year of the investment and for the following years. This has two advantages. First, the depreciation for the initial year is usually bigger than for the following years. Second, because you can set your own depriciations, you don't have to depreciate your investment at 100%. E.g. if you buy furniture for 3000 and you intend to work with as a teleworker for 3 years, you can set an initial depreciation of 1000 and a depreciation of 300 for the following years. This would lead in costs of (1000 + 2*300) = 1600 taken into account by the calculations and a residuary value of 1400 at the end of your time as a teleworker. If you want to depreciate your investment at 100%, you can set the initial depriciation by your own (row 1st year depriciation) an push the Full Depriciation button to automatically calculate and set the depreciation for the following years in order to get a 100% depriciation.