MODULE 7 - Information Network Services

This module tests the student's understanding of networking concepts, the use of electronic mail, and what is available in network information services.

The test consists of two parts, one exercise is asked from each part.

Part One: Electronic Mail

The student will use electronic mail to send a message. This message may have an attachment. The student will typically send a message to the examiner, and may be asked to file the mail, to copy it, or to forward received mail.


The student will be asked to describe the purpose of electronic mail, where he/she might use it, how to connect to it, and discuss the value of e--mail.

Part Two: Networks

Depending on the facilities available in the training area and in the test centre, one of the questions below will be asked:

Connect to the Internet, retrieve some information and submit it to the examiner. This submission can be by e--mail or in hard copy.


Connect to some public information service and retrieve information. Submit it to the examiner by e--mail or by hard copy.


Log on to a corporate network, connect to an internal service and retrieve information. this will be tailored for each examining organisation and must be approved at accreditation.


Answer a question about the basics of networking. This question is a written question and suitable for organisations where networking facilities are not yet available.


The test is designed to be hands--on, but either part may be take as a written exam where the on--line facilities do not exist.

2 exercises must be attempted.

The time allowed is 45 minutes.

The pass mark is 80% -- both questions must be attempted with some slight errors allowed.

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