MODULE 6 - Presentation and Drawing

This module tests the student's competence in presentation and/or drawing tools. The specific test taken will depend on the facilities available in the Test Centre or the Training Centre.

One question will be asked which will be from the Drawing section or the Presentation section.

Course Contents -- Drawing

Draw a picture which will be described in detail including most of the following:

  • Use graphic tools
  • Use the mouse to draw by hand
  • Draw boxes, circles, text and lines
  • Retrieve pictures from a library and pull them into a drawing
  • Use colours, shadings and borders
  • Copy and resize drawn objects

Course Contents -- Presentation

The student will create a presentation including 6 - 8 of the following:

  • Bullet points to highlight each comment
  • Clip--art to insert drawings or symbols
  • Some simple drawing
  • Use borders
  • Use and change fonts
  • Centre the text
  • Embolden the text
  • Organisation charts
  • Use of slide shows
  • Use of Help Functions


One question, either drawing or presentation, must be completed. The paper may consist of just one exercise which must be done, or it may have a choice of exercises for organisation where the facilities may differ.

The pass mark is 80%.

Time allowed is 45 minutes.

While the use of integrated software in not currently a module in its own right, this module may be combined with word processing, spreadsheet and/or database using software which allows integration. If this is done, all of the tasks within each module must be achieved.

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