Maurits Cornelis Escher

Here are a few of his pictures:

Metamorphose II
(1939-40, Wood-engraving, 3 colors)

Completely unrolled (2971x163 Pixels)

(1942, Lithography)


Picture gallery
(1956, Lithography)

Order and Chaos
(1950, Lithography)

Ascending and Descending
(1960, Lithography)

Moebiusribbon II
(1963, Wood-engraving, 3 colors)

Above and Below
(1947, Lithography)

Staircase I
(1951, Lithography)

Sankt Bavo Harlem
(1920, Black ink)

Day and Night
(1938, Wood-engraving, 2 colors)

Drawing Hands
(1948, Lithography)


Background: Study of regular plane-filling with reptiles (1939, Pencil, black ink and Aquarell)


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