Forschungsinstitut für Mikroprozessortechnik

Teleworking Seminar 1997/98


The following Software tools are recommendable for solving the tasks of this course and can be downloaded from various FTP and WWW sites.

Eudora Light for Windows (4 MB)

Eudora Light is the freeware version of Eudora for Windows. Its a mail client only but it has some nice features like mail-filtering.




Netscape Navigator/Communicator

Netscape´s Navigator and its latest version called Communicator belong to the most common WWW browsers. They are universal tools and include not only the browser but also mail- and newsclients. People who want to create their own WWW pages can use Netscape´s HTML editor, which is also part of the standard packages.

austria (Communicator 4.03 base install: 8.6 MB)

switzerland (Communicator 4.03 base install: 8.6 MB)

uk (Communicator 4.03 base install: 8.6 MB)

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer comes with Win95 and NT. Informations about latest versions can be obtained from Microsofts WWW Site or its mirrors.

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