Results of the Europen Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) examination in respect to teleworking

Is there a definition of teleworking contained in the definition of the Driving-Licence. What is to do tomake it suitable/better?

My definitions and results:

  1. What is the ECDL / common facts
  2. What is Teleworking
  3. Is the ECDL suitable for teleworking
  4. What is to do
  5. Problems
  6. Thanksgiving

Official definitions of ECDL:

  1. Detailed Info - coming from the "Green Isle", original
  2. Not that detailed - the british original plus FAQ's
  3. And here is the austrian site (summarized)
  4. And a few addresses

About the authors. If you have any experiences in ECDL please mail to me !!!
Dezember 09, 1997