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Oberon-2 Programming with Windows


J.R. Mühlbacher, B.Leisch, B. Kirk, U. Kreuzeder
Oberon-2 Programming with Windows
Published by Springer, June 1997
Softcover, 370 pp.
ISBN 3-540-62522-4
DM 68; £ 29.50; FF 257; Lit. 75.090; US$ 49.95; öS 496.40; sFr 60

This book is a detailed introduction to programming in Oberon-2, the object-oriented successor of Pascal. Oberon-2 provides elegant support for programming using a unique blend of structured and object-oriented techniques. The book follows a "hands on" approach to teaching based on many examples, starting with basic Oberon-2 language features and gradually increasing in scope to cover the full range of object-oriented programming.

The book is completely self-contained and enables readers to develop native Windows programs. It comes with a multi-media CD-ROM (suitable for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0) containing a full Windows based integrated development environment, all the examples contained in the book and a tutorial video to give beginners an easy start to using the software.

The included software can be used and distributed freely.

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