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This page offers all sources for Pow!/32 3.0b. The whole system consists of several packages. The package name is also the link to download the package. Some source code contains german comments. Please be patient and ask the Pow! Team if you have any questions concerning these comments or in general.

  • Pow32: This is the main package which includes the Pow! environment, the simple editor PowEdit, the 32-bit linker and the compiler interfaces for Oberon-2, Java and C++. The programming language C was used. The projects are made with Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0. (If you build this project you will encounter a problem if you haven't downloaded the package Compiler. So it is recommended to download the next package, too.)
  • Compiler: This package includes the Oberon-2 compiler. It is written in Oberon-2. Be aware that you need the package Rts32Compiler, too.
  • BoostEd: This package includes the editor BoostEd which is written in Oberon-2.
  • Help: This package includes several projects for help files. Some of them are available in two languages, English and German. You need Microsoft Help Workshop.
  • Opal: This package includes the library Opal which is written in Oberon-2.
  • Rts32: This packages includes the runtime system for Oberon-2 programs. It is written in Oberon-2.
  • Rts32Compiler: This package includes a special runtime system for the Oberon-2 compiler.
  • Startup: This package includes several startup modules for Oberon-2 programs.
  • SymBrowser: This paxkage includes the symbol file browser.
  • WinApi: This packages includes several definition modules for Windows API functions.

All packages are .zip files. They should be extracted to a directory structure like the following one, because some projects contain batch files and references which expects a specific directory structure:

  • Root, i.e. C:\PowSrc
    • Boosted
    • Compiler
    • Help
    • Opal
    • Rts32
    • Rts32Compiler
    • Startup
    • Symbrowser
    • WinApi
last modified: 2005-09-08 by Peter René Dietmüller