anti-spam tools

Blacklist of Internet advertisers
Provides list of spam offenders along with information on spam and many related Web resources.

How to stop junk e-mail
CNET article, December 1997, with several reasonably effective techniques to decrease spam e-mail messages.

Spam FAQ
Provides information on deciphering spam e-mail message headers.

Provides information about SPAM and how to fight it. Contains many useful resources including black lists of spammers and spamming domains and white lists of supporting people and ISPs, numerous related links, and FAQs.

The Historical Spam Museum and Archive
The mission of this site is to collect and preserve spam and includes many sample spam messages, as well as links to several useful spam resources.

The Net Abuse FAQ
Provides numerous links to net abuse resources and also contains many questions and answers on spam.

USENET spam definitions
This is an informal FAQ that contains spam definitions and links to related information.

Yahoo!'s junk e-mail page
Yahoo!'s directory of junk e-mail (spam).