Spezielle Kapitel aus Informatik:
Privacy, Security and Trust in Personalized Systems

Semester:   SS 2009

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  Spezielle Kapitel aus Informatik:
Privacy, Security and Trust in Personalized Systems

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  Msc. Alexandros Paramythis
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General themes

Consumer studies have shown that online users value personalized content. At the same time, providing personalization on websites also seems quite profitable for web vendors. This win-win situation is however marred by potential privacy threats since personalizing people's interaction entails gathering considerable amounts of data about them. Numerous consumer surveys have revealed that computer users are very concerned about their privacy online. In this context, this course will address three inter-related dimensions of personalized systems, namely privacy, security and trust.


  • Personalized systems
    • Types of personalization - configurability, adaptability and adaptivity
    • Personalization determinants and constituents
    • Goals and means of personalization
  • Privacy
    • Sources and types of privacy threats in personalized systems
    • Awareness of and control over the use of private information
    • User attitudes towards privacy
    • Privacy statements and seals
    • Privacy laws
  • Security
    • What can be secured and how in personalized systems
    • Secure data processing
    • Secure data communication with third parties
  • Trust
    • Trust as a motivational factor for the disclosure of personal information
    • Elements of trust in personalized systems

Project work

The course will require project work from participants, to be carried out individually or in groups of two persons. Two types of project work will be solicited:

  • Literature review and presentation
    This will involved reviewing one or more scientific publications and presenting their contents in a condensed form during course meetings.
  • Small-scale studies on aspects of personalization
    This will involve an analysis of existing or fictitious personalized systems, and the delivery of a report summarizing the results of the analysis. Such analysis may target the types of personal information a system collects and uses, the privacy / security / trust provisions and aspects of the system, etc. 

Project work will be marked and will contribute towards the final mark of the course.

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  The lectures will be held in English!
Die Lehrveranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten!


   The course will have a final exam with open books. Final marks will be derived proportionally from exam marks and from project marks (see above for details on the types of projects that will be available for selection).


  All required literature, as well as course slides and accompanying materials, will be made available on the course's web site and will be available to course participants.

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  Further information about the course will be available on the course's web site. If you need additional details to decide whether you wish to register for the course, please communicate directly with the lecturer (see "Further inquiries" below).

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  Alexandros Paramythis

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