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5,809,139 Watermarking method and apparatus for compressed digital video
5,768,426 Graphics processing system employing embedded code signals
5,748,783 Method and apparatus for robust information coding
5,748,763 Image steganography system featuring perceptually adaptive and globally scalable signal embedding
5,745,604 Identification/authentication system using robust, distributed coding
5,745,569 Method for stega-cipher protection of computer code
5,734,752 Digital watermarking using stochastic screen patterns
5,710,834 Method and apparatus responsive to a code signal conveyed through a graphic image
5,687,236 Steganographic method and device
5,687,191 Post-compression hidden data transport
5,664,018 Watermarking process resilient to collusion attacks
5,659,726 Data embedding
5,636,292 Steganography methods employing embedded calibration data
5,613,004 Steganographic method and device

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