a bayesian approach to affine transformation resistant image and video watermarking
a bayesian approach to spread spectrum watermark detection and secure copyright protection for digital image libraries
a framework for optimal adaptive dct watermarks
a new steganographic method for palette-based images
a secure robust digital image watermark
a software environment for copyrighting, authenticating, archiving and retrieving pictorial documents in multimedia databases
an introduction to watermark recovery from images
an iterative template matching algorithm using the chirp-z transform for digital image watermarking
analysis of the sensitivity attack against electronic watermarks in images
anonymous fingerprinting
applications of data hiding in digital images
attacks on copyright marking systems -98-attacks
attacks on digital watermarks -- classification, estimation-based attacks and benchmarks
capacity issues in digital image watermarking
combining low-frequency and spread spectrum watermarking
content adaptive watermarking based on a stochastic multiresolution image modeling
copy protection for multimedia data based on labeling techniques
copyright protection of digital images by means of frequency domain watermarking
cryptographic copyright protection for digital images based on watermarking techniques
digital signature of color images using amplitude modulation
digital watermarking of mpeg-2 coded video in the bitstream domain
digital watermarking of mpeg-4 facial animation parameters
digital watermarks for audio signals
digitalwatermarking - an overview
echo data hiding by d. gruhl and w. bender
effective and ineffective digital watermarks
effective channel coding for dct watermarks
effiziente software-implementierung(gmr)
evaluation of copyright marking systems - ieeemm99-evaluation
fast robust template matching for affine resistant image watermarking
generalized watermark attack based on watermark estimation and perceptual remodulation
images with self-correcting capabilities
information hiding -- a survey - ieee99-infohiding
information hiding to foil the casual counterfeiter by d. gruhl and w. bender
information-theoretic analysis of information hiding
modulation and information hiding in images
on the limits of steganography
optical # digital identification # verification system based on digital watermarking technology
optimal transform domain watermark embedding via linear programming
phase watermarking of digital images
preprocessed and postprocessed quantization index
public watermarks and resistance to tampering
quantization index modulation -- a class of provably good methods for digital watermarking and information embedding
robust data hiding for images
robust digital image watermarking
robust mesh watermarking
robustes data hidding verfahren patchtrack
robustes data hidding verfahren tartan
rotation, scale and translation invariant spread spectrum digital image watermarking
secure copyright protection techniques for digital images
secure robust digital watermarking using the lapped orthogonal transform
spread spectrum image steganography
steganalysis and game equilibria
steganography seeing the unseen by neil f. johnson
techniques for data hiding by w. bender, n. morimoto and d. gruhl
template based recovery of fourier-based watermarks using log-polar and log-log maps
the watermark template attack.pdf>
theoretical capacity measures for data hiding in compressed images
throwing more light on image watermarks
towards robust and hidden image copyright labeling
transparent robust image watermarking
watermarking digital images for copyright protection