Teleworking: A Course using the Internet 

What’s going on in Teleworking within the EU?
( Werner Höbart, Reinhard Loidl and Susanne Reisinger)
New technologies for going Online (ISDN, Internet via cable-TV or via the net of powersuppliers,..) – Are there possibilities for saving online-cost?
(Kurt Berger, Florian Gnägi and Marc Stampfli)
What technical equipment (software, hardware, telecommunication,…) does a teleworker need? What are the costs (rooms, phone, support) for a workplace?
(Wolfgang Höfler, Mario Pichler und Christoph Panwinkler)
The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) – Which extensions could be useful for the special needs of Teleworking?
(Hannes Eisterer, Sami Kessler and Dominik Staffelbach)
The BSCW System ( "Basic Support for Cooperative Work", 1995 – 1997 © GMD FIT) enables collaboration over the Web. Find out whether BSCW can be used as a tool for teleworkers.
(Michael Sonntag)
Calculating the costs/benefits of teleworking from the individual point of view
(Christian Hirschle, Mike Stock and Mike Tonazzi)
Video Conferences
(Andy Aregger and Lukas Kueng)

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