Literature on Teleworking

These links take you to information on teleworking. Some contain references to printed books Books, some have online content Online.

Online The Smart Valley Telecommuting Guide
Books Gill Gorden Associates
Books The TCA Teleworking Handbook.
Online Rolling Action Plan of the European Commission
Online Pacific Bell Telecommuting Guide
Online European Telework Charter
Books Online Teleworker's Yellow Pages at Heriot-Watt University
Online The GTE Telecommuting Solutions Book
Online Andrew Bibby's Articles on Teleworking
Books t@s telearbeitssysteme (German)
Online The Epsom Telecentre Evaluation Report
Books JALA International: Publications (Telecommunication and Telecommuting)
Books Telebooks (Telecommuting Jobs site)
Books TMG: Wegweiser zu Projektresultaten
Books Parts from a book and a literature database


Archive (no longer valid links):

Books Online On Telecommuting: A PS Enterprises Reserach Paper (
Books Online A Manager's Guide to Teleworking (
Books Online Telework: The Trend Towards Networking (
Books Patty Lewis Bibliography (


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