BSCW supports group work over the internet by providing shared workspaces. A workspace allows storage and retrieval of documents and sharing information within a group of persons. Some basic awareness functionality is provided. The system is designed primarily to support self-organizing groups.

A workspace can be accessed via the World-Wide Web, which makes is very useful for cooperation in groups that are geographically distributed and / or work on different platforms.

The article includes an introduction to the BSCW system. The main aim of this project is to find out, wether BSCW is an appropriate solution for telework or if it is not particularly suitable. Special attention is given to three types of teleworkers: the entrepeneurial, the mobile and the home/telecenter-based teleworker. It will be showed, which ways of teleworking can be enhanced by BSCW, and for which it is not profitable or even dangerous to use. In the end we will come to the conclusion, that BSCW is an very interesting and promising tool, but doesn't have a great impact on teleworking.

(Slides for the short presentation of the seminar in german language)

Last change: 22.01.98