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arrow.gif (108 Byte) A seminar: using the Internet winter term 97/98 

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Wolfgang Höfler 

Mario Pichler 

Christoph Panwinkler 


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An example: A secretary´s equipment

ACTRON Pentium 233 MMX
Intel Pentium MMX 233Mhz
ASUS TX 97-E Mainboard
512KB Burst Piplined Cache
3.5" Floppy (1.44MB)
24x CD-ROM Laufwerk
4.3GB Festplatte
Matrox Mill. II 4MB WRAM
Creative Soundblaster 16
Big Tower
Mitsumi Tastatur Win95
Mitsumi Maus seriell
Arowana 50W Aktivboxen
various cables
inkl. MWSt ATS 17.599,-

US-Robotics Sportster Message+ modem
a stand alone answering machine
receiving faxes offline
inkl. MWSt ATS 2.449,-

Sony 17 200 SFT monitor
refresh rate: 80kHz
inkl. MWSt ATS 9.799,-

HP OFFICEJET PRO 1150C color printer including a scanner
also a stand alone copier
incl. MWSt ATS 14.949,-



Microsoft WINDOWS 95 OEM CD
incl. MWSt ATS 1.590,-

Microsoft OFFICE97 PRO full version CD
incl. MWSt ATS 8.999,-

Lotus Notes V4.1
Desktop Client Single User
incl. MWSt ATS 1.299,-

Total costs of the technical equipment: ATS ~60.000,-

Other costs:

Total cost of ownership per year: ATS ~15.000,-

    incl. maintenance and update costs
    office supplies (paper clips, writing utensils, ...): ATS 300,-
    ink cartridges (color, black): ATS 1.600,-
    printing paper: ATS 300,-
    electricity costs (500W, 8h/day, 260d/year: ATS ~2.000,-
    excl. training

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written by Wolfgang Höfler, Mario Pichler and Christoph Panwinkler

last modified: 16.01.98