E-Commerce - Technologiestudie

von Gernot Ritz


E-Commerce is the reaction of the young 21st century's economy on the trend to a communication- and attendance-society. The constantly growing use of electronic media, specifically of the Internet, calls thereby constantly new offerers and applications to the market. Already longer admitted terms such as "Online-Shopping" and "Internet-Banking" are extended with new ones like "Application-Service-Providing" (ASP).

This theses deals with the theoretical and practical (via case studies) aspects of the topic "E-Commerce Technologies".

After a short introduction and definition part in the first chapter, the most important basic concepts regarding the Internet will be discussed briefly. The special focus lies on the analysis of general structures, which are important for the development of e-Commerce-Sites. Thereby only the most important concepts will be discussed, in order to create a common knowledgebase.

The next chapter deals with specifically selected Internet-protocols. Especially some of the third, fourth and seventh layer of the OSI reference model will be discussed.

In the fourth chapter some of the most common server-based programming languages such as MS-ASP (Microsoft Active Server Pages), ASP.net, Fabasoft VApps and PHP4 will be introduced.

Finally, two case studies (chapters 5 and 6) will finish this theses. The first solution deals with an online-shop while the second system realizes a platform for sportclubs. Both implementations were co-developed by my colleague Georg Kotek.

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