3) Is the ECDL suitable for teleworking ?

In the present definition of the driving-licence only less is referring to teleworking . Module 7 is reponsible for the presence of electronic-communication. Essential topics of unit 7 are:
- email with attachment, forwarding emails
- opening a connecting to the internet, getting information from the WWW
- opening a connction to a local workstation, copying some files.
!!! If there is no possibillity in connecting to a (local/global) network all tasks are allowed to be theoretical only. But, isn't it the most essential thing for teleworkers?
In brief: the future computer-user will learn the basic functions of the most important tools on his computer, but, a fundamental theoretical test is missing. The 8th unit should go into special problems of teleworkers. My suggestion for it:

  1. Definition of teleworking
    The difference between Outsourcing and Teleworking has to be treated.

  2. ADVANTAGES for -

    - Actual orders-position can be easier satisfied
    - Motivation of employed person rises (see relevant studies)
    - Personal-costs reduces.

    - flexible rates of working-time
    - oftenly teleworking offers the chance bringing up children at one's own
    - daily routes to work are reduced

  3. DRAWBACKS for -
    - An advance on confidence has to be given to the worker, old fashioned mechanisms of control doesn't work anymore.
    - The employee is commonly highly specialized, he isn't working in a thypical team, communication to co-workers is impeded
    - The office's working place could only particulary be canceled, because the employee is at least 2 days a week present (loose of social contacts)
    - Costs for telecomunication result

    - Because of missing contact to superiors a professional ascent could be difficult

  4. Organizational differences to conventional computer-jobs

  5. Social risks and chances
    Particulary the loosing touch to co-workers is dangerous. Not everyone is qualified to spend the most part of their life in the own four walls. A social delimitaion could follow.

  6. Legal basics
    sorry :-)

What is teleworking ? What is to do ?
Dezember 09, 1997