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Wolfgang Höfler

Mario Pichler

Christoph Panwinkler


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Description of the topic of our project

During the decision to introduce Teleworking into a company, the workspace requirements of the employee must be considered among other things.

In particular you have to decide, which technical equipment is necessary for the employee, to do his work at home. This means hardware, software and telecommunication equipment, but also copiers, office supplies and so on.

Additionally a teleworker needs a room or maybe some rooms to do his work.

Other questions are: Which of the mentioned parts of the equipment are paid by the employer and what must the teleworker himself pay?  How high are the annual maintenance requirements for the technical equipment? What is the total cost of ownership?

Within this work we try to discuss these and similar questions to evaluate, whether the employer, the employees, the society and the environment benefit from telework, or not.

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written by Wolfgang Höfler, Mario Pichler and Christoph Panwinkler

last modified: 15.01.98